In the spring of 2018, Franco-American brothers Elliott and Virgile Arndt invoked the union of their inner gene genies and gave birth to Faux Real. The Arndt brothers created a signature show that simultaneously fetishizes, destroys, and re-invents their kinship through compelling choreography, playfully exploring the boundaries of duality, ridicule, and sexuality. Faux Real quickly earned a reputation for their wild and unhinged avant-garde anti-rock performances, performing anywhere from sweaty nightclubs and house parties to street corners and illegal raves. Faux Real’s trademark Augmented Karaoke™ sees Elliott and Virgile mixing absurdist Frenglish poetry and Stooge-esque self-flagellation with ersatz athletics and improvised quasi-ballet. Without a single confirmed show on the horizon and their music yet to be released, Faux Real embarked on a month-long US tour in early 2019, armed with nothing but high hopes, low expectations, and their enigmatic briefcase, Ferguson Videostar. Faux Real’s revolutionary approach to the project firmly places them in traditions inherited from the underground, subverting time-tested formulas to suit their needs as modern artists. In character both on and off-stage, their rigorously matching attire is but one of many facets that makes them true Method Musicians™. For Elliott and Virgile Arndt, embodying Faux Realism is an obsessive pursuit.