22 year old Saràh Phenom is a Rwandese born, Belgian singer-songwriter. On top of music, she is an all round creative that has freshly arrived in the music sphere to pursue her ambitions of a global takeover. As 2021 came to close, Saràh shared her debut project ‘Phenom Heartbreak Tales’ which entailed 3 live tracks, accompanied by 3 live performance videos. Through these videos Saràh shared a vulnerable side of her personality as she touched on recent heartache with her band and interior designer Verner Panton’s Phantasy landscape posing as stunning backdrop. Saràh Phenom’s debut studio album is set to drop Winter 2022. 


Ibeyi is a French musical duo consisting of twin sisters Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Diaz. The duo sings in English, French, Spanish and Yoruba. In Yoruba, Ibeyi (Ìbejì) means « twins ». Their music has elements of Yoruba, French and Afro-Cuban, and fuses jazz with beats, samples with traditional instruments. Lisa, the lead singer plays the piano, Naomi plays the traditional Peruvian/Cuban percussion instruments cajón and Batá drum.


Kimberose is the name of the French band fronted by Kimberly Kitson-Mills, a singer-songwriter with an uncommon biography. With her English father and her mother of Ghanaian origin, Kim lived in the London suburbs during her childhood. At the age of 12, her family moved to Paris and she completely immersed herself in the French culture. She says that she has always been a shy girl, uneasy about the idea of singing in front of an audience, which is quite unbelievable when you see her perform nowadays, with such a strong presence and charisma. Astonishingly, Kim never took any singing lessons. Her deep, sultry voice was like a rough diamond that she polished all by herself until it became a true gem – reminiscent of classic jazz divas such as Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Etta James, or modern soul-pop sisters like Amy Winehouse, Duffy or Adele.


 Paris-based model, painter, and singer Claire Laffut, gained wider notoriety through her activity as a singer, notably releasing two singles, Vérité and Mojo, in 2018, grouped together the same year with two other titles in an EP distributed by Universal. She also directs the artistic aspect of her music videos and albums. On September 3, 2021, Claire Laffut released her first album entitled « Bleu ». It includes 13 titles including the songs « Verité », « Mojo », « Étrange Mélange », « Hiroshima » and « Nudes » in collaboration with Yseult.


Murray was born in Paris to an African-American jazz musician who played saxophone and a Franco-Spanish mother who ran a world music production company. She cites African-American music as her main influence, growing up listening to Macy Gray, John Coltrane, Marvin Gaye, Minnie Ripperton and Beyoncé. She frequented jazz clubs and often accompanied her father on tours. In 2018 she released « After Ten » (produced by PH Trigano). Her debut EP « I Was Wrong » was released in 2020 and cemented her rising-star status. In 2020, she released « Princess » and « August Knows ». The tracks are featured on the soundtrack of Cedric Klapisch’s 2018 film Deux moi. Klapisch later directed the video clip for « August Knows ». In June 2021, she performed neo-soul track « Boss » on the German music performance platform COLORS. On 11 February 2022, Murray released a new EP titled Twisted Bases.


At the tender age of 18, Suki embodies a new generation who is guided by her passions. With her multicultural origins, her fine features and her sultry air, you might think she came out of a manga. But the young woman is, on the contrary, well anchored in reality, determined to break into the music industry that has always inspired her … She grew up along to songs of Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Earth Wind and Fire and even Jimi Hendrix growing up. She comes from a musical family – her father plays the guitar, Her musical talents showed up early, where she composed and performed her first pieces. Then at 15, she released some of her orignal music on SoundCloud, and reached positive public reception. From then on, she devoted herself entirely to her work, refining her musical style over time. Each song comes with it a cathartic value to her. Through her singular and hypnotic universe, we can already sense a great career ahead for this natural born artist.


We are in 2022, Thee Dian has not yet released from an album she is already part of the most vogue Parisian scene. She is right now dedicated to writing and production while accepting some invitations from couturier such as Jean Paul Gaultier or Casey Cadwallader at Mugler. She is an artist who deeply loves music we can feel that on each of her tracks, she is an artist to to watch.


Ana Benabdelkarim began her musical career with the band Pegase before launching her solo career, which was named after a David Bowie song of the same name. From her childhood, Ana Benabdelkarim has been listening to David Bowie songs. From David Bowie to Mykki Blanco, she focused her undergraduate thesis on androgynous bodies in music. She published her first EP, « But you Will, » which is based on a line from Michel Gondry’s film « Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. » Silly Boy Blue followed up her debut EP But You Will in 2018 with a string of great hits in 2020, focusing on her ethereal indie-pop sound.  She’s returned with « The Riddle, » her first song of 2021. Silly Boy Blue’s The Riddle is another addictive indie-pop tune, with ’80s synth tones, crisp choruses, and beautiful vocals.


In between the two, it couldn’t have worked better, a story of time concordance, a matter of energy, the essence to which they each fueled in their own way, the singular kind. Him, Nicolas Dacunha, a native of the Parisian suburbs and her, Faty Sy Savanet, born in Kinshasa, grew up in Lemba, the trendy district of the Congolese Capital. After landing nine years in the suburbs of Paris, they revealed themselves to the microphone as ‘Tshegue’ the combo of tribal, garage rock. Between these two electrons and a lot of hooked atoms; the planets aligned themselves so that this complimentary pair would make leaps and bounds. That’s what makes hollow when discovering their latest EP, called Survivor. « A mystical encounter, almost unlikely. He is like my alter ego, the one that allowed me to look at myself as I am. It’s not just music; it’s also a heart thing”.


Poté builds worlds that are raw and expansive. His music treads between the rhythmic sound of his heritage and his interest in exploratory, emotive songwriting; it’s an interplay that continues to evolve through each of the songs he writes. The network he’s built along the way speaks to the variety of his influences: with connections from Lisbon’s kuduro-fused Enchufada label, to Benji B and Damon Albarn, his approach is open and many-sided.