is a collective of Djs and music diggers who cover a wide range of music from the 50's to nowadays. Their famous web radio is organized, not by genre or complex algorithms but instead by time and space. The co-founder,  artist and DJ Benjamin Moreau, Noémi Ferst and their collective propose one of the best soundtrack collection of the 20th century.

Their DJ set takes you on a colorful trip through the the music of different eras.

They have already collaborated with Vuitton, Dior, Cerruti, Dazed & Confused magazine, Colette, Chivas, and Persol. They've also played for major art festivals like Miami Art Basel, Fiac Paris, Dubai Art fair, Galerie Perrotin, Venise Biennale, New York Armory Show, Gagosian Gallery and Mexico Art fair.



INSTAGRAM @radiooooo_com