NOIR CŒUR is a French trio creating electro-pop music. Everything started with their debut video 'Total Nirvana' in 2012, which was met with critical acclaim from the press and blogosphere. On stage, the band raises a trance, between solemnity and letting go, dance floor and mysticism. Having played numerous shows and opening for prestigious acts (The XX, Tricky, London Grammar, etc.), NOIR CŒUR is fresh breath in the French indie scene. Initially formed by Philippe Mousseigne and Adrien Broué, the band was joined by the hybrid drummer Hugo Dupuis in 2015, adding an organic and tribal vibe to the project. Whereas their first EP, 'Jahnimal', was an ethereal and cosmic indie electronic, NOIR CŒUR returns March 25 with 'Post Life', a title combining electro-pop and R & B, supported their signature aerial chorus. With a sophisticated aesthetic, NOIR CŒUR shows a postmodern vision of Paris.