During the summer of 2017, Ilyes Griyeb and Mohamed Sqalli cowrote this article questioning the opportunity gaps between Arab and Western artists. In it they highlighted the economic, political and cultural factors leading to this asymmetry, as well as condemned how easily some Western artists take advantage of their head start to popularize aesthetics that belong to Arab cultures or artists. The article has had quite a success, especially in creative and media circles, and was published in several languages throughout several countries.


That is how they got the idea for NAAR, a platform which main goal is to create projects carried out with artists who struggle to make their voices heard in Western countries. Their first project is a collaborative rap album including Moroccan, European and North American artists, soon to be released on Barclay/Def Jam. The first extract, Money Call has been premiered on The Fader and earned more than 3.6 millions views.



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