Laura and Nina are « Les Garçons », funny name since it means « The Boys » in english. Excellent music diggers, they collaborated with Radio Nova, Nina is a music producer and Laura stylist in the fashion industry, this detail makes this artistic duo a perfect match for fashion events. Les Garçons is a simple recipe: the marriage of a solar energy and a highly contagious joy of living, two singular characters who like to play it « femme fatale » or « woman-child » according to their mood, with every time this very chic look on stage. Behind the decks, they play EDM, electro, hip-hop and ultra pop tracks, they are defining their style in a word: YOLO! To the question "Why" "The Boys"? They reply: « Because we love them », quite simply.

They played at the Palace Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme, for H&M and Erdem party, Playboy private parties, Calvi on the Rocks festival in Corsica, but also for the last fashion week Dior party.


Booking : enzo (at) belgradmusic.com

INSTAGRAM @lesgarcons_