Laura and Nina are « Les Garçons », funny name since it means « The Boys » in english. First of all they are excellent music diggers, they collaborated with Radio Nova, the fanciest french radio channel. Their set has this absolute chic french touch, or should I say Parisian touch, musically and visually. As a matter of fact Nina is a music producer and Laura stylist in the fashion industry, this detail makes this artistic duo a perfect match for fashion events. Les Garçons is a simple recipe: the marriage of a solar energy and a highly contagious joy of living, two singular characters who like to play it « femme fatale » or « woman-child » according to their mood, with every time this very chic look on stage. Behind the decks, they play oldies and indie ultra pop tracks, between New York hip hop and disco kitch, they are defining their style in a word: YOLO! To the question "Why" "The Boys"? They reply: « Because we love them », quite simply.

They played at the Palace Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme, for Playboy private parties, Calvi on the Rocks festival in Corsica, but also for the last fashion week Dior party.